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  • DVT
    DVT stands for deep vein thrombosis. As you will read in this eMedTV article, this is a blood clot that forms in a vein deep in the body. This article provides a general overview of the causes, symptoms, and possible complications of this condition.
  • DVT and Travel
    Sitting still for long periods of time while traveling can lead to DVT (deep vein thrombosis). This eMedTV segment discusses the correlation between DVT and travel and offers prevention strategies for people who travel.
  • DVT Information
    Are you looking for information on DVT (deep vein thrombosis)? This eMedTV article is a great place to start. It lists possible symptoms of this condition and describes a few common treatment options. A link to more details is also included.
  • DVT Risk Factors
    As this eMedTV page explains, risk factors for DVT (deep vein thrombosis) include low blood flow in a deep vein, pregnancy, and certain medical conditions. This page provides a detailed list of risk factors and explains how these items contribute to DVT.
  • DVT Symptoms
    As this eMedTV article explains, deep vein thrombosis (DVT) symptoms can include swelling of the leg, pain or tenderness in the leg, and increased warmth in the leg that is swollen. This page provides a list of other possible signs and symptoms.
  • DVT Treatments
    Common treatments for DVT include medications, vena cava filters, and graduated compression stockings. This eMedTV article talks about the different types of treatment options available for deep vein thrombosis.
  • Ferriprox
    Ferriprox is licensed to treat high iron levels that may occur after a blood transfusion in certain people. This eMedTV Web page contains an overview of this prescription medicine, including how it works, possible side effects, dosing tips, and more.
  • Ferriprox and Breastfeeding
    As explained in this eMedTV page, it is not known if Ferriprox (deferiprone) passes through breast milk or if it might cause problems in a nursing infant. This article discusses why the manufacturer advises women to not take Ferriprox while breastfeeding.
  • Ferriprox and Pregnancy
    Women should talk to their doctor before taking Ferriprox (deferiprone) during pregnancy. As this eMedTV page explains, Ferriprox could cause birth defects or fetal death. However, there may be times when this drug is prescribed to a pregnant woman.
  • Ferriprox Dosage
    As explained in this eMedTV article, your dose of Ferriprox is calculated using your weight and how you respond to this medicine. This page takes a closer look at general dosing guidelines for reducing iron levels, as well as tips on taking the tablets.
  • Ferriprox Drug Interactions
    Taking certain supplements, antacids, or drugs while taking Ferriprox may lead to adverse interactions. This eMedTV resource covers what may happen when Ferriprox is combined with products such as these and discusses how to help minimize problems.
  • Ferriprox Medication Information
    Ferriprox tablets are prescribed to reduce iron levels in people who receive blood transfusions. This eMedTV page takes a closer look at Ferriprox, with information on how this medication is taken, potential side effects, and when it should not be used.
  • Ferriprox Overdose
    As this eMedTV segment explains, overdosing on Ferriprox (deferiprone) may cause double vision or involuntary eye movements, among other things. This article describes other possible overdose effects and explains how these problems may be treated.
  • Ferriprox Side Effects
    Stomach pain, nausea, and vomiting are among the commonly reported Ferriprox side effects. This page of the eMedTV Web site examines other reactions that may occur in people taking this drug, along with statistics on how often these problems occur.
  • Ferriprox Uses
    This eMedTV selection explains how Ferriprox is prescribed to help eliminate iron from the body after frequent blood transfusions in people who have a certain blood disease. This page offers a closer look at what Ferriprox is used for and how it works.
  • Ferriprox Warnings and Precautions
    Women who are pregnant and people who are taking certain medications may not be able to use Ferriprox. This eMedTV segment describes other important precautions for safely using Ferriprox, including warnings for people with certain medical conditions.
  • Fragamin
    Fragmin is a prescribed drug licensed to prevent or treat blood clots. This eMedTV segment describes Fragmin in more detail, including how this drug works and some general precautions to be aware of. Fragamin is a common misspelling of Fragmin.
  • Fragemen
    As this eMedTV page explains, Fragmin is a prescribed drug used to treat and prevent blood clots in people with certain conditions. This page also explains how this drug works and offers general dosing tips. Fragemen is a common misspelling of Fragmin.
  • Fragman
    As a prescription "blood thinner," Fragmin works by slowing down clot formation in the body. This eMedTV page offers an overview of this drug, including what it is approved to treat and possible side effects. Fragman is a common misspelling of Fragmin.
  • Fragmen
    Fragmin, a prescription drug used to prevent and treat blood clots, works by slowing down clot formation. This eMedTV Web page provides a brief overview of the drug and offers some general dosing guidelines. Fragmen is a common misspelling of Fragmin.
  • Fragmin
    Fragmin is a type of "blood thinner" medication used for preventing blood clots in certain situations. This eMedTV page provides a complete overview of this prescription drug, including details on how it works, safety precautions, side effects, and more.
  • Fragmin and Breastfeeding
    Fragmin (dalteparin) does pass through breast milk in humans in low amounts. This eMedTV page further explores breastfeeding and Fragmin, including the manufacturer's recommendations and why this drug is typically considered safe to use while nursing.
  • Fragmin and Pregnancy
    As this eMedTV Web article explains, animal studies on pregnancy and Fragmin (dalteparin) suggest that the drug is probably safe for pregnant women. This page discusses the safety of using this medicine during pregnancy, including potential benefits.
  • Fragmin Dosage
    As this eMedTV page explains, your prescribed dose of Fragmin will be based on various factors, such as your weight and other medical conditions you may have. This page offers more dosing guidelines, including tips on how to safely use this medicine.
  • Fragmin Drug Interactions
    Medicines that can potentially interfere with Fragmin include ibuprofen and various blood thinners. This eMedTV segment lists other drugs that may interact with Fragmin and describes the potentially serious problems these reactions may cause.
  • Fragmin Medication Information
    Fragmin is a "blood thinner" prescribed for treating and preventing certain blood clots. This eMedTV article offers important information on the medication, including possible side effects and dosing tips to be aware of before using Fragmin.
  • Fragmin Overdose
    As this eMedTV Web segment explains, serious problems can result from an overdose of Fragmin (dalteparin), including dangerous internal bleeding. This page lists other possible overdose symptoms and describes various treatment options.
  • Fragmin Side Effects
    Common side effects of Fragmin may include pain or bruising at the injection site. As this eMedTV page explains, most side effects are mild and don't require medical care. However, notify your doctor if you develop serious problems, such as nosebleeds.
  • Fragmin Syringes
    As this eMedTV Web resource discusses, Fragmin is an injection used to help prevent and treat blood clots. This page offers more detail on using the multi-dose vials or prefilled syringes, including tips for using Fragmin safely and effectively.
  • Fragmin Uses
    Fragmin is prescribed for the treatment or prevention of blood clots in adults. This article from the eMedTV Web site explains how this blood thinner works and also lists possible off-label uses for Fragmin, such as preventing recurring pregnancy loss.
  • Fragmin Warnings and Precautions
    You may not be able to use Fragmin safely if you are allergic to pork products or heparin. This eMedTV Web article outlines important warnings and precautions for Fragmin, including potentially serious side effects and possible drug interactions.
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